Nutrition & Fitness is not one size fits all. Accountability is EVERYTHING! 

Nutrition education is KEY! 

Whether it’s gaining muscle, losing fat, or adopting a healthier lifestyle, limiting factors usually lie beyond exercise and are found in poor nutrition habits. As a Complete Wellness Company focused on WHOLE HEALTH, we help dispel the common myths about nutrition, and work with each client to offer “real world” nutritional knowledge that quickly becomes a new lifestyle. 

A Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Amy Fendley works with each individual client on a proper nutrition foundation. Each nutrition program is tailored from the start for each individual. The initial consultation on Nutrition takes approximately 1 hour and covers health history, hormones, current nutrition regime, food allergies, vitamin intake, caloric intake, the importance of water and protein, stress levels, and sleep behaviors. 

Amy believes that knowledge through nutritional counseling & education in addition to a solid fitness program is the cornerstone to WHOLE Body Health.

Fitness & muscle movement is a MUST!

Amy’s personal training methods are very thorough, encouraging and supportive. Through a comprehensive questionnaire and interview, Amy designs each client’s customized program specific to each individual’s needs. Progress is measured and adjustments are made on a recurring basis to ensure success. Amy will teach each client how to navigate their way through a cardio & weight lifting program that is comfortable, fun and effective!

How it all works:

Group Nutrition & Fitness classes are a part of the Callaway Wellness Retreat Program as well as the Health Connections Program. To schedule a private class for yourself or a group, please Contact Us.

Each client will meet with Amy for an initial assessment as well as on-going progress review sessions. Amy will dive in depth with body education for each guest, goal setting techniques, behavior modification strategies and assist each client with a unique plan to establish necessary habits of reaching & maintaining goals with healthy weight loss and lifestyle choices.